The Longest Night EP

In the spring of 2021, as the longest nights of the year grew shorter, I spent a few days with Scott Wood at Oak Ridge Studios to create this EP.

A mix of songs and tunes, some I wrote and some I breathed a different life into, and played each and all of the instruments you hear. Scott and I have made music together for 10 years and his work at the help transformed my ideas into everything you hear.

1. The Longest Night


3. Stewarton Road

4. The Rest of My Life


A selection of videos from my YouTube page featuring split screen recordings and collaborations with some brilliant musicians.

Top of the Hill

In the spring of 2014, Ally composed a piece of music for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland composition module. It features full back line, string section and brass section and playing from Greg Barry, Luc McNally, Rufus Huggins, Mhairi MacKinnon, Kirsten Hendry, Sally Simpson, Conal McDonagh, Ross Miller, Ian Dunnet and Holly Boddice.